Thứ Tư, 24 tháng 8, 2016

Take a selfie with B612

While looking for a perfect edge to “show off” your true self ….
When you have a minute and a smartphone in hand ….
When you are in a strange land, and you want ” check-in “right away ….
When you go out with your friends and suddenly want to create a standalone photo ….
When your relatives to visit you for the first time and you want to burn the sweet moments that …
When your daughter suddenly delighted with a face like an angel and you want to keep that smile forever ….
This is when you need to B612 camera – applications photographic “take a selfie” extremely attractive.
B612 allows users to take pictures, “take a selfie” anywhere, anytime. Designed with a specific function, is completely different compared to the other image processing, user B612 brings freshness, youthfulness of young people; modern, professional photography app most innovative and relentless creativity of the leading designers in the world.

How to use B612 Camera

Main features of B612

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