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Download B612 apk Latest Version- Best selfie app

B612 selfie apk app is developed by LINE Corporation which earlier developed one of the most popular communication app “LINE free calls and Messages”. They after released B612 selfie app that has great features included. B612 selfie app is the perfect app for taking selfies anytime, anywhere.
This app has some new and fresh features that you wont find in other apps. You can download B612 APK app and install on your android phone to take better selfies. The developers are updating this app regularly and adding some extra values to it to make the users have more fun. Here, I will guide you to download and install B612 APK for android phone.
Before that, I wanna tell you the amazing features of B612 APK selfie app as well as one extra feature that the developers introduced in the recent update.
You can download and install the app directly from Google Play Store else you can download B612 APK latest version file and install it on your android phone.
You can download the latest version of B612 APK file to your computer and later transfer the file to your mobile phone using a USB or you can download it directly on your mobile phone’s browser.
You know we can also download APK file from Google Play Store. Read our previous post on How to download APK files from Google Play Store to PC.
Download B612 APK app and install it on your PC to make your selfie perfect.

B612 – Selfie with the heart

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