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Main features of B612

Naver Japan, the company developed popular messaging app Line of Japan has just released another iOS app too for those who prefer to take a selfie photography (Self pictures for themselves).
The application captures photo B612 has the following main features:
There are 43 filter (filter): You can apply 43 filters to your photos.
  •  These filters are designed to be reminiscent of the period of the little prince watched the sun set 43 times a day.
  • There are random filter: Sometimes you feel confused about how to choose the filters accordingly with it? Then click the filter button selected randomly by the application!
    Blurring some Line: Both lighting and facial expressions play an important role. Please make your photos stand out and more unique by blurring some of the lines are not necessary.
  • Turn the lens photography: Let’s just focus to the important parts of your photo becomes true than ever!
  • Take a picture in silent mode: Shh! Be photographed in silent mode so as not to wake anyone who was good night!
  • Inn collage: Let people see your photo collection by combining the smile in many photos on the same photos.
  • Having shared features: Please post pictures and share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram (Only the installed applications will appear in the list share)
Curiously is no option to help you share photos directly on the Line. However, you can save photos to your photo library and review the photos in messaging application that.
This app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 or than. You can download a free photography apps on the App Store B612 right now.
So camera b612 applications have been added to the collection of photography apps for iOS’s take a selfie Line includes: Line Camera – Selfie & Collage and Line Selfie Sticker.
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How to use B612 Camera

B612 the most model selfie

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