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B612 application for hot boy hot girl

B612 camera is a photography application self-indulgence is currently a lot of young love on the net community and is used on the popular social networking site known as FB, Intagram, Twiter, Zing me, … with only one major feature is the photo shoot Selfie but this application was on the Eastern island of many supporters demonstrated for this number is installed has reached the milestone of 50 million people on the app store, the App also Play CH also received a number of honours and awards has a special “Best of the Best” Red Dot’s 2015!
B612 self-indulgence Photography Hot applications for the winter of 2015
Talking about the origin then here is a child of the company LINE and is also the place to be born of a series of other mob families such as Social application Line, Sticker, …
In the features section of the application Selfie photography: B612 app is also more extreme lot of features serve as self-indulgence work more the effect on the picture there are many effects that you can not do that may count the most.
In addition, you also can pair picture frames, or capture the image at very much the same, and then grafted into the baby pictures at the 1, when photographed at the corner of the photo you can also assign the logo of B612 on looks very beautifully, in the library also has a variety of different stickers you don’t get boring.
In addition to Imaging, photo editing and Photo mosaics, this application also allows us to record a short Video Games less than a minute and the cage with a piece of music and have even more color effects.
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