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B612 on Top 50 Million Downloads Worldwide 2015

TOKYO, June 8, 2015 — LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced today that its selfie camera appB612, available for free on both iPhone and Android platforms, has topped 50 million downloads worldwide.
Camera b612 is a dedicated selfie camera app which allows users to customize their photos with a wide variety of filters and effects. With selfie optimized features such as the app automatically switching to the user’s front-facing camera upon launching, the ability to switch filters simply by sliding a finger across the screen, six second video capture, and collage functionality receiving universal acclaim from users, B612 has experienced explosive growth, topping 20 million downloads worldwide on February 6, 2015.
Since then, with the app’s continual addition of more filters and expanded collage features, B612 app has broadened its user base from East Asia to Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia in Asia, as well as Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, and Argentina in Latin America. With this worldwide popularity, B612 has reached over 50 million downloads worldwide as of May 23, 2015.
Additionally, the app boasts 30 million monthly active users worldwide (60% of total worldwide downloads), cementing its role as an app used regularly in users’ lives. Along with the app’s imminent Windows Phone release, features sought out by users worldwide are being continually added.
B612 will continue to grow in the future and provide users a fun way to communicate using selfies, enriching their smartphone experiences.

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